MPs should co-operate with IBAC: premier

All Victorian MPs should co-operate with a corruption watchdog investigation into rorting allegations, Premier Daniel Andrews says.


A parliamentary audit has uncovered questionable printing invoices from one unnamed MP who has been referred to the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission.

The audit was sparked by allegations MP’s offices had been claiming parliamentary funds to settle fake printing invoices and siphoning the money into Labor branch stacking.

It’s also alleged printing firms were in on the scam.

When asked if he had directed his MPs to co-operate with the IBAC probe, Mr Andrews said he didn’t need to.

“Everybody knows that every single MP, every Victorian MP should co-operate with any investigation, whether it be IBAC, Victoria Police or anybody else,” he told reporters on Friday.

He would not comment further on the investigation.

Legislative Council President Bruce Atkinson announced a Department of Parliamentary Services audit of invoices last week.

On Thursday, he and Legislative Assembly Speaker Colin Brooks said they were referring allegations to the corruption watchdog.

“The department was unable to determine if the allegations in the media and subsequent questions in the house have substance as its powers of investigation do not extend beyond the ability to examine parliament records,” their statement read.

“We are advised the review of invoices approved under delegation from one member of parliament gives rise to a notification pursuant to section 57 of the Independent Broad-based Anti-corruption Commission Act.”

The opposition used parliamentary privilege to name deputy Legislative Council President Khalil Eideh and company FM Printing as being involved – an allegation they both deny.

Mr Eideh also requested a complete audit of his own office.

The government is also currently under the scrutiny of the Ombudsman over allegations parliamentary allowances were misused during the 2014 election campaign.

The government passed a motion earlier this year granting MPs parliamentary privilege from the Ombudsman investigation and its unsuccessful fight to stop it went all the way to the High Court.